Fauji Cereals (established in 1954), a fully owned company of Fauji Foundation (The largest national business group) in collaboration with Quaker Oats, England started trial production operation by end 1956. It is one of the pioneer commercial ventures of Fauji Foundation. Moreover it has the pride of being the pioneer breakfast cereals manufacturing company in Pakistan. To cater for the different tastes of different customers, Fauji is producing and marketing a variety of breakfast cereals including ready- to- eat and ready- to- cook categories. Chronology of products is extremely important to product development and marketing. Fauji cereal has been adopting the most modern process technologies since its birth. In 2012 Fauji has commissioned a modern breakfast cereals plant based on extrusion technology. The plant is made by Buhler Switzerland a leading breakfast cereals plant manufacturing company of the world . The products are processed under good manufacturing practices and ensured Halal ingredients and processes. Fauji s Cereals are the number one consumer and trade-preferred brand in Pakistan. The Company enjoys over 70% of the national market share in the category of Breakfast Cereals including flakes and porridges. The name of Fauji is synonymous to paramount quality breakfast cereals.

The company has achieved ISO 9001-2015 Certification by adopting the International Standard Procedures for producing high quality food products. All the manufacturing and marketing operations are carried out under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced managers. Due to premium quality of products, the company has a proportionate share in the International Market. Fauji s products are shipped to different countries throughout the universe. As a corporate social responsibility, Fauji has been a part of programs of World Food Program and UNICEF as a major manufacturer of emergency/disaster foods especially for babies and pregnant/lactating women.